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Why do Indians love Sachin Tendulkar?

I watched his farewell speech with moist eyes. Sachin Tendulkar was a phenomenon for Indians.He achieved milestones in cricket that one would have never imagined. No wonder his retirement from cricket was a national event. I was quite emotional. I liked all those Facebook messages from my friends who said they have started feeling a… Read more


The Great Indian Jugaad

Jugaad, a Hindi word, means finding a solution to a problem against resource constraints by devising a solution which usually out-of-the-box. This solution is specific to the situation or problem involved, a spark of brilliance originating out of unstructured innovation. Indians at home or abroad not just own but relish Jugaad. Many of them attribute… Read more


Why so many Indians are vegetarians?

Brahmins were supposed to hold moral high ground and advise the rulers about what is right and wrong from ethical and religious point of view. They believe human digestive system has more similarities to fruit eating primates than meat eating carnivores.