Learnings from Parenthood VI

Stay Healthy, Imitate your baby

We often tend to think that we are born first and babies are borne later hence we are smarter, more intelligent hence babies need to learn from us. But this not necessarily true. Most babies are extremely fit, very active. During 3-6 months of age, they can lie on their backs hold up their legs for hours and keep cycling motion on for enviably long time. I came across an interesting statistics that if their cycling motion is converted into a distance travelled, a 3-6 month old actually covers 3km every day.  The other day, I took out my toddler for a stroll in the night. When we left home he was about to sleep and showed those low energy symptoms. When we reached the garden, he suddenly felt that surge of energy and he was running non-stop for next 30 minutes.

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Vivek Vaidya

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