The Great Nation

Once of upon a time there lived two friends, Heart and Brain.

Brain used to think a lot. Heart used to feel a lot. Brain had a lot of data, Heart had a lot of feelings. Brain could predict what is going to happen next day, Heart would never worry about the next day. Brain would always worry, Heart would always find something to have fun with.  

They always agreed on things that were appropriate to do. But they always disagreed on things that were tempting but inappropriate.

Faced with such things, Heart would lit up and jump ahead to do it.

Brain would stop him and say, ‘You know it’s not appropriate.’

Heart would say, ‘Yes I know but I want to do it.’

Brain would say, ‘It doesn’t matter what you want. What you want will lead to pain. I know what we should do so that we don’t suffer.’

Heart would say, ‘We may suffer. But at least I will have my the pleasure of choosing what I want.’

Brain would argue, ‘What is the point in choosing something that leads to suffering.’

Heart would tease the Brain, ‘You worry a lot, worry-wheel.’

Brain would quip, ‘You careless happy-go-lucky-guy.’

Heart would say, ‘I know what I want.’

Brain would say, ‘I know what we should (do)’

And the fight would continue.

(Story ends)

Once upon a time there was a great nation, who ruled most of the world. They were the pioneers in globalization. They taught the world to speak their language. All other nations admired them and wanted to be like them. So people from other states started going to the great nation. The great nation had two kinds of people – Heart people and Brain People. Like the friends in earlier story they started arguing.

Heart people said, ‘I don’t like immigrants.’

Brain people pointed out, ‘But we need them. They make us prosperous.’

‘But I don’t feel comfortable with them.’

‘Look, they are so hard working, we can learn so much from them.’

‘I don’t care. I know what I want.’

‘I know what we should (do)’

The fight continued. Finally, they decided to have poll to decide what the great nation should do.

Heart people smiled. They knew there were more Heart people than Brain people.

(Story Continues)……

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