Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Apple's Impact on my life - Thanks Steve

Last few days Steve Jobs and Apple has occupied entire cyberspace nd mind space too. Experts have analyzed his life history, lesser known side of his life, future plan and everything else you wanted to know. He was truly a great guy. I never got a chance to meet him but he has deeply impacted my life.

Currently, I work in Consulting company which has its strong foundations in market research. The founding principal is "market will tell us what they need and you have to provide it in fastest, cheapest and best possible manner". Wrong. Steve Jobs proved that this was wrong. None of his runaway successes were based on market or customer research. He proved that when it comes to technology, companies need to lead the way. Pathbreaking innovation is never based on market research. It is based on brilliant idea backed by impeccable execution. He helped to widen my horizons and look at my own job in a different light.

Steve Jobs also gifted me world's cheapest, the most entertaining and guilt-free baby sitter.ipad. I have to share it with my son, there are more apps on ipad for him than for me. He spends considerable time on it...whats more I dont even mind it. He had learnt new words, small sums, mandrin and many other great things. Ipad is a must have thing to carry in any outing more than 2 hours. As a parent I feel guilty to let my son watch TV for a long time but I don't feel guilty handing him over an ipad.

It may take centuries to get another Steve Jobs but the path of innovation that he has shown will continue to inspire us and would soon be well trodden.

Thanks Steve.

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