Monday, May 20, 2013

Rahul Dravid, IPL and Art of Retirement

It is delightful to see Rahul Dravid in this IPL. His team Rajsthan Royals has done so well but I am not referring to that. I am referring to Rahul Dravid as a batsman. Yeah, he is not the orange cap guy nor has he hit fastest century or hit 6 sixes in one over but there is something delightful about his battingnthis year. He is trying out everything that he did not or I must say could not in his long illustrious career. In one of the matches, he lofted a ball from outside the off stump and deposited it on mid wicket fence. "This is so unlike Rahul Dravid - shot", said Harsha Bhogle, in cheerful voice, astonished tone and with half a giggle.

That set me thinking. Rahul Dravid to me represents that class of corporate workers that is completely capable of leading the team, getting that next promotion or be in the limelight but they just could not. Just like Rahul Dravid they did everything the situation asked for, whole heartedly, without complaints but lime light, flamboyance or the oomph factor always stayed away from them. Rahul Dravid really cherished playing at no. 3 position but he opened the batting when he was asked to, played at no. 5 or no. 6 position to accommodate VVS. He kept wickets during the entire world cup to just because selectors could not find a genuine all rounder. He even captained the side when their captain fell sick looking at the grass on the wicket. He is second highest run getter for India, third in the world and played a supporting role in one of the best counter attack in test match in our times. He also retired quietly. There were no wars fought among the fans about his retirement, no TV shows, no discussions about right timing or timing it right. This pretty much sounds like a significantly above average corporate career.

Thats why it is delightful to watch him blossom after retirement. He seems to enjoy himself. There is nothing left to be proven anymore. He can open up the shoulders to play any shot he feels like as they are not burdened with any national responsibility anymore. He can now try any fancy shot, get beaten and still there will not be hoo- haas in the stadium. So far he played for his captain, his team, his country and now he can play for himself.

I want to follow his footsteps in retirement. I want to do things, I have never done before. I want to try those things which I would most likely to fail. I want people to exclaim , "That's so unlike-Vivek thing".

I learnt a lot from Rahul Dravid when he was playing, I will learn lot from him even after he has retired.


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