Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tiger Mom and Lion Dad - By Roopali Paranjpe

Two interesting characters.. A Tiger Mom, celebrity of the week Amy Chua. A Yale professor and mother of two girls, Amy expects nothing less than A on her kids' report cards. She does not allow playdates and sleepovers, ruthlessly punishes her 7 year old for not mastering a piano tune, calls her kids 'garbage' or something like if they don't meet her expectations, and justifies all this as her way of preparing her kids for the challenges of the future..yada yada yada

And then there's a Lion Dad, from a very obscure movie 'Udaan'. A drunkard father of two boys who runs a small factory, beats his kids with a belt for getting complaints from school, calls them disgraceful if they can't be what he wants them to be etc, etc, etc.. (watch movie for more, very well made indeed !)

What is the difference between the two? IMO, Nothing !


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