Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anna reached Ram Leela Ground, What Next?

Anna has reached ram leela ground. It is a great triumph for the “aam adami” who is fade up with corruption. Government made their biggest blunder of decade of arresting Anna four days ago.  Back then nobody believed that we will see this day. Anna was escorted by police to a much bigger venue, allowed fast for more days, allowed to gather more number of people. Really wonder what was the government was thinking while arresting Anna and subsequently negotiating.

Spontaneous country-wide response to the arrest made all the difference. It actually worked well for Anna. There are many who don't support the Lokpal bill but they could not tolerate Anna being sent to the same jail as Mr. Kalmadi and Mr. Raja. They joined Anna as anti corruption crusader rather than the Lokpal bill supporter. Anna has created history! Great moral victory for a frail 73 year old who stood against the establishment much more powerful than him. Hats off!!

The question is what next? A battle is won what about the war? The first battle was against congress government but is the war against them? Who is the enemy? Defining Congress government as the enemy would be too myopic. The actual enemy is corruption. The Lokpal bill is only means to an end and not end in itself. It would be too naïve to think that once the bill is approved the corruption would end.
I am reminded of Harry Potter and deathly hallows at this juncture. In the final confrontation of Harry Potter with Lord Voldemort, Harry discovers that one part of Voldemort’s horcruxes is within his soul.


Similarly, some part of corruption’s horcruxes is within our soul. It is difficult to irradiate corruption as long as it lives inside us. We are tempted to pay 100 bucks to avoid a fine of 500 buks. At registration desk we are ready to grease the palms to change the sequence of the registrations. A corrupt groom does not find it difficult to get a good bride even if his corrupt lifestyle is clearly visible. A rich but corrupt officer is envied than hated forget about exposure. The same tendency when escalated at the level of companies, organizations and corporations are responsible for 2G scams and CWG scams.

Now that Anna has resumed the war against corruption, the next target should be to fight against this tendency to support corruption in direct and indirect ways which is deeply ingrained inside us. A candle light march or sympathy fast to show solidarity to Anna has limited impact. If we really want Anna to win we should take vow that today onwards we will not bribe anyone for selfish benefits. If we come across any corrupt person we will do whatever we can within our limits to expose or discourage him. That would the true victory for Anna and his movement.


Jai Hind! Bharat Mata ki Jai!!!

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