Saturday, August 27, 2011

Anna Hazare – Baba Ramdev = Mountain Dew

Dar sabhi ko lagata hai  (In a difficult situation everyone is scared)

Gala sabhi ka sukhata hai  (everyone has butterflies in the stomach)

Lekin dar ke age jeet hai  (Victory bestows those who overcome fear)


The advertisement shows a group of friends moments before dangerous stunt like river rafting or bull fighting. Everyone is nervous and scared, looking at each other, not sure whether they want to plunge themselves into the unknown. (Then they have mountain dew) Get the courage to overcome that moment of fear and decide to plunge themselves into the unknown.  They live through these moments of fear and “victory” awaits them on the other side.  (


That essentially summarizes the difference between Shri. Anna Hazare and Guru Baba Ramdev.


Baba Ramdev was actually the pioneer in this modern era of mass, media-friendly and mega event style ‘uposhan’ (fast until demands are met).  Baba Ramdev had everything set up. A nice stage with air cooling systems, drinking water, covered spaces for about 10,000 followers. He was all over the media in that week, until Government decided to crack down. Instead of facing this action bravely and calling the bluff, Baba Ramdev decided to dress like a female and escape. It was a very unfortunate, cowardly act which has resulted in character suicide for him. Any budding political ambitions that he might have are ruined. He would have to restrict himself to his core strength of teaching yoga and practicing Ayurveda.


Anna Hazare had initially resorted to more classical Gandhi style uposhan which. What happened when Anna decided to follow "Ramdev's  model" ? The main difference was he was fearless. He knew what he is getting into and was prepared to face to the consequences. He was not ready to leave his position against politically powerful opponent. Second and which perhaps was the game changer was anticipation and pre-empting the opponent. The recorded message which was released after his release  was a pure master stroke designed by his team. Government probably thought that if they arrest him and prevent him from speaking then they would be able nip this problem in the bud. Technology came to rescue. Anna’s message to India, at the point in time he did not have sizeable followers, was released. Although he was in prison, his voice still reached the common man. Then it was great uprising. The rest is history. (


Anna is creating history. Jan-lokpal bill may become a law with little bit modifications but that may not completely eradicate corruption. A lot more needs to be done to weed it out. Still, when modern India’s history would be taught to our grand children, they would definitely learn about Anna and how these 10 days had a deep impact on India. I read that the people who are visiting Ramleela ground in these days are not affiliated to any political party or association. These are common men who are the victims of "cutting edge" corruption and are coming there to support the cause.  They are living moments of history.  All this was possible because Anna overcame that moment of fear and plunged himself into unknown.

Knowingly or unknowingly we are faced with such moments of fear which can possibly change our lives or create history. Be “Anna”, overcome that moment of fear and plunge yourselves in unknown.

Because success lies beyond fear!!

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Shreerang Kulkarni said...

Vivek, nice write-up! Actually all the movements against corruption should come together, they have same goal, individually they have strength & ability to create cumulative effect also! Unfortunately everybody is after credit