Monday, June 20, 2022

Drive away blues!

 How to drive away Monday Morning blues?

We usually start our working day with some meetings and greetings. Usually the discussion goes this way
Q: How are you?
A: Good. same old same old.
Why don't you try this. Instead of asking "How are you?" ask "What is new?" see how the expression changes. There may be some who are dying to tell you what is new in their life. Some others would not have thought of doing something new for a long time. If you keep asking "What is new?" instead of "How are you?" you will slowly start motivating people around you to break the monotony, go out of their routine and do something new, something interesting, something that will create memories.
When someone asks you this question, share minutest new thing you have done or experience you have had. You may have tried tomato sauce instead of usual chili sauce at your routine McDonalds meal but describe the experience, describe how you felt, describe whether it worked or it didn't.
Even if you are living the most perfectly happy and contented life, try something new. If it works you will be happier. If it doesn't you know you had the best life already.
Start a new cycle! do something new! Drive away it Monday morning or life in general!

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