Tuesday, August 23, 2022

That Little Sack on your back!


Recently, members of my trekking group completed three rather difficult treks successfully. Over the weekend, we had a small gathering to listen to their stories.
One of them shared his story of how he suffered from fear of heights and how he struggled to navigate thru the challenging terrain. He was in the middle of nowhere with an Indonesian guide who hardly spoke any English. So there was no dialogue, no words of experience or wisdom. There was no way back, he had to overcome all his fears and move forward. Not easy.
Seeing his struggle the guide offered to carry the little sack on his back. It wasn't very heavy, nor was that impeding his trek. But he had no particular reason to refuse help so he agreed.
Miraculously, he started moving well on the terrain. The weight wasn't much but the fact that he had no weight on his back made him feel free, made him think positive and take the challenge on. Real life is not a fairly tale so he did struggle but on the whole he performed much better than before.
Probably we all carry some light sack on our backs. Something that may be insignificant ... may be some sense of responsibility, guilt of not being there for loved ones, guilt of not exercising regularly... something that keeps working at the back of our mind which drags up down.
Maybe once in a while, we should assess the loads and our backs and offload those which drag us down! Worth a try!

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