Thursday, January 10, 2013

What are you - hunter, farmer, fisherman or gatherer?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="400"] What are you a Hunter or farmer or.....?[/caption]

Human being is 250,000 year old species. It outlived other human like
species due to superior food gathering strategies. These strategies
are in our genes and they manifest themselves in corporate world in
the way we get business or get the next order or find the right
candidate or the supplier for that matter.

Hunters require ability to spot the target when its quite far, reach
close to the target smoothly without unsettling her and sprint or take
out the weapon when you are close enough and go for it. Hunters
necessarily need to rest after the kill and should have large enough
stomach to go hungry till they spot the next kill.

Farmers on the other hand need to find fertile land, seeds, water,
sunshine an d truck loads of patience. Some seeds may not germinate so
sow more. When all factors are favorable you will get a bumper crop.
If you can survive on fruits, without touching the tree... You don't
need to do much except for keeping out the pastes, weeds and others
who may be eyeing your fruits.

Fisherman needs to be a silent operator. Should be sure there is fish
around before you throw the bet. Sharpen the risk appetite and wait.
You never know, you may even catch a blue whale.

Gatherer needs to have an open mind for sure. No need to define  what
you are looking for. As long as you are able to use what you have
gathered to feed yourself its fine. Enjoy the variety and
uncertainties, forget the stress.

There is no right or wrong strategy. Key is know who you are and like
the food you find.

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